Philip Selway – Strange Dance

Synths and vocals

Released on 24 February 2023 via Bella Union – I had the brilliant pleasure of featuring on Philip’s third studio album, ‘Strange Dance’

“Radiohead drummer delivers an impressive solo outing…” Clash Magazine

“When Philip Selway approached some of his favourite musicians to play on his third solo record he said he imagined it as a Carole King record if she collaborated with the pioneering electronic composer Daphne Oram and invited him to drum on it. Unsurprisingly they were all sold, and so began the bringing together of an extraordinary number of gifted people, including Hannah Peel, Adrian Utley, Quinta, Marta Salogni, Valentina Magaletti and Laura Moody”

Watch a live session with Philip, where we played songs from his new album and talked about the album’s process: