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Artist in Residence 2023

“Paying tribute to her hero Delia Derbyshire, the electronica artist took us through her album Fir Wave and beyond in a triumphant show” **** The Guardian

Kings Place, London

I’m so thrilled to be an ‘Artist in Residence’ 2023 for this wonderful London venue part and to form part of the Sound Unwrapped series

“I’ve been given the chance to programme events I may have never got an opportunity to do, plus talking with Kings Place about artists I’m inspired by and who I would love to see programmed has been a lot of fun. Alongside my own three events, they’ve booked a lineup for the year that I think is incredibly inspiring, including Midori Takada, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith… so many I admire. I’ve always just strived to make music that communicates to others using combinations of electronic and acoustic instruments – what an honour to be part of this year”

17th Feb 2023 – Fir Wave – Live Debut Show
**** Guardian review! READ

16th June 2023 – HP and Beibei Wang
A one-off improvising concert exploring the ability of sound to create place, with virtuosic percussionist Beibei Wang, the pair will be combining their unique collection of synths, Chinese drums, gongs and water percussion to bring many worlds, seasons and cities onto the stage.

Oct 2023 – To Be Announced!

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