Memory playlist by

Lloyd Vaughan

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Many of my choices are inspired by my time as a DJ in my late teens. Growing up in Somerset, the drum and base scene in the early noughties in particular was thriving – most weekends we’d jump into my friend’s 106 to drive down the M5 to Bristol. Roni Size and the Full Circle movement was fuelling an exciting, urban underground scene across the city and we embraced it. Others in my list have played a huge part in my life since those heady days – meeting and marrying my wife, dancing around the living room with young daughter and relaxing late into the evening. I now work as the celebrity manager at Alzheimer’s Research UK. My job is to get high profile individuals talking about dementia, to drive awareness and chip away at the stigma surrounding the condition, which sadly still exists. But a movement is growing, and I’m confident dementia will be beaten in my lifetime.