Memory playlist by

Will Burns

Poet / Writer / Faber & Faber

A near-impossible task, to choose the 10 pieces that jut out most prominently in the memory from the hours and hours of music, poetry and sound in there. But here it is for all that, eight songs that speak of the first tape player my brother and I had in our shared bedroom, and the REM and Public Enemy tapes that were played to destruction on it, through to the Bobby Charles song that remains one of the few pieces of music my wife and I are able to agree on – which made for an easy choice for our first dance. And of course a couple of poems. But not too many.

1. REM – Radio Free Europe
2. Public Enemy – Burn Hollywood Burn
3. Mudhoney – Let it Slide
4. The Clash – Train in Vain
5. Charles Bukowski – Cold Summer (Not available on Spotify)
6. Son Volt – Tear Stained Eye
7. Lucinda Williams – The Night’s Too Long (Not available on Spotify)
8. Raymond Carver – Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year (Poem)
9. The Beatles – Twist and Shout
10. Bobby Charles – I Must Be in a Good Place Now