Memory playlist by

Shelly Love

Film Director / Choreographer

Kate Bush – Hello Earth
When I heard this album I was about 10 years old and I quickly became obsessed. I was already very keen on dance and I hired out the village hall to choreograph and rehearse a dance piece with my friend to the whole album. I listen to this album whenever I feel far away from myself, or when I lose faith in my creative abilities, listening to it always sorts me out. This album could be my bible.

David Bowie – Heroes
What can I say, so many of David Bowies songs are important to me and no matter how many times I have heard Heroes, this song still makes my hairs go up on end. I don’t think I will ever love anyones voice as much as I love David’s.

Can – Mushroom
My Dad was a music collector so from a very young age he used to corner me and get me to listen to his album collection, luckily I also enjoyed music. When I was a young teen my Dad introduced me to Can. I remember sitting listening to the album with Dad and thinking “my dad’s really cool”.

Prince – The Beautiful Ones
Like Hounds of Love I became obsessed with the album Purple Rain. I watched the film ‘Purple Rain’ so many times that I could remember all the lines in the film.
Prince helped stir things in me that I couldnt understand yet. When I’m feeling like I’ve lost my mojo I come back to this song as it reminds me of teenage love, longing, passion, betrayal and love lost. LISTEN: Prince – The Beautiful Ones’ (Not available on Spotify)

War of The Worlds – Part Two
This album reminds me of rainy Sunday afternoons in Scotland, me on the carpet drawing on a piece of paper with War of The Worlds playing in the background. I was genuinely frightened when I listened to the album, but I still enjoyed it. I remember asking Dad if he would play the monster album.

Arvo Part – Fratres
I studied Contemporary Dance Theatre at Laban in the early nineties. While I was there I was introduced to Arvo Part by one of my Norwegian friends and I performed in a dance piece set to Fratres. At the end of the dance I had to fall off a ladder just as the lights went pitch black, apart from the memorable fall, I also fell in love with Arvo Part’s music.

Ivor Cutler – Life In A Scotch Living Room
When I listen to this, I find myself completely in his world, and I am gratefully reminded to care less and more at the same time.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On
Again my dad introduced me to this album. I will always come back to it.
I remember really listening hard to the words, which were so clear and so powerful.
Such an important and beautiful musical protest.

Van Morrison – Ballerina
I am always reminded of home when I hear Van the Man as he is my Mum and Dad’s favourite. Apparently they used to play ‘Ballerina’ while I was in my mums tummy, maybe that’s why I ended up at ballet school.

Henryck Gorecki – Symphony Number 3
Listening to this moves my whole body through death, grief and rebirth, incredibly powerful.