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The official blurb

Hannah Peel is a Northern Irish artist, producer and RTS award winning composer. She is a restless and forward-thinking artist, joining dots between science, nature and the creative arts, through her explorative approach to electronic, classical and traditional music.

As well as releasing two solo albums in the last year she has contributed her sublime vocals, synths and orchestrations to records by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, Rae Morris, John Foxx, and this year after scoring strings for Paul Weller’s new album ‘True Meanings’, Hannah conducted her new orchestral arrangements for his BBC Radio 2 ‘In Concert’ live show and sold out Royal Festival Hall performances in London.

The show is now available on DVD HERE

2018 saw HP present 4 radio shows for BBC Radio 6 Music focussing on outer space and the mind following her synth-based, space experimental album Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia.

Spring 2019, Chalk Hill Blue, an electronic album collaborating with the New Faber poet Will Burns will be released with tour dates around the UK.

PLUS, after a year of keeping quiet, HP’s first feature length film score for Game Of Thrones will be aired on HBO / Sky Atlantic, May 26th 2019.



What they say

“Chalk Hill Blue is another fruitful divergence for Peel whose work is fast becoming something exceptional” The Quietus

“A great singer and a latter day Delia Derbyshire” The Observer

“Audacious, atmospheric, majestic, suffused with powerful melodies” The Arts Desk *****

“Celestial, mysterious and awe-inspiring” Mojo *****

“Her position as one of our most engaging and cerebral young musicians is thus underlined in bold”  Record collector ****

“Vast scope and vaulting ambition…Mighty stuff”  The Evening Standard ****

“Moving and majestic… the most astonishing soundtrack for the ultimate trip outside the atmosphereMary Casio: Journey… is one of the best space crafts ever built. A cinematic scope of rare depth and intensity reminiscent of both Goblin and Ennio Morricone” Loud & Quiet ****


Compositions for Theatre, TV and Film

  • Score for the official HBO Game Of Thrones documentary, May 2019
  • ‘Tainted love’ featured in Channel FX American Horror Story and
  • ‘Tainted Love’ featured in Annapurna Pictures movie The Brothers Sisters, 2019
  • ‘Just Like Honey’ Featured in ITV‘s Cold Feet, 2019
  • ‘Bay Of Skaill’ Featured in Amazon Prime‘s Hanna, 2019
  • Theme tune and additional scoring for Channel 4 / Netflix new series ‘Kiss Me First’, 2018
  • Theme tune for BBC drama ‘The A List’, 2018
  • Score for the Pilot Theatre’s new adaptation of Brighton Rock, Touring UK Feb – May 2018
  • ‘Santa Forgot’ TV and online campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK, Christmas 2016
  • Royal Television Society Award for title music to Channel 4’s drama ‘Dates’, 2014


Mary Casio – Journey to Cassiopeia

A subtle twist on the current British political landscape and continuing Peels unnerving musical focus with neurology and Alzheimer’s Research UK from 2016’s Awake But Always Dreaming album; cascading echoes of a past and crumbling sound of Northern working class mining communities are mixed with synthesised surges of political detachment enveloping the listener.

Much like the miners underground working in’t pits with star-like headlamps to light the way, Peel found her light in this quote:

“We have a hundred billion neurons in our brains, as many as there are stars in a galaxy”

Theoretical physicist and author, Carlo Rovelli

So with only a year following on from the release of her critically acclaimed second album ‘Awake But Always Dreaming’(Voted No.1 Album Of the Year – Electronic Sound Magazine), ‘Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia’, explores one person’s journey to outer space, by recounting the story of an unknown, elderly, pioneering, electronic musical stargazer and her lifelong dream to leave her terraced home in the mining town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, to see Cassiopeia for herself.

With a posthumous nod to once forgotten pioneering female British electronic artists like Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram, and artwork by Grammy award winning designer Jonathan Barnbrook (David Bowie collaborator on albums ‘Blackstar’ and ‘The Next Day’), Peel not only quickly sold out of all original pressed vinyl and CD’s but celebrated in her biggest venue to date with a sold out synth and brass band show in the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

Recorded live on location in The Barnsley Civic Theatre with Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio team, it features: ‘Tubular Brass’, the top UK championship colliery brass band players, alongside their shuffles, page turns and spit and Peel’s grandfather from 1927 in Manchester Cathedral on one of the first recordings made of a choir boy. All this is combined with the ‘breathing’ nuances of the vintage synthesisers and Peel’s sound designs, making this a wholly unique, collaborative sound and seemingly, a first of its kind both live and on record.

Peel: “I wanted these huge slabsof planetary sounds to echo the excitement and wonder of our human need to explore and develop. Outer space is where only a select few can reach; yet it is somewhere we dream of going or perhaps collectively, simply wanting to know what is out there. The unparalleled vastness in our galaxy is as equally melancholy and desolate, as Mary’s lonely voyage away from all she knows”. 

A re-imagined album entitled Particles In Space’ featuring some of the UK’s most exciting new electronic artists was released in July 2018 as the album continues touring.