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Particles In Space

New album ‘Particles in Space’ is out NOW

A beautiful companion album to the acclaimed 2017 Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia album.

Each track becoming a new collaborative reimagining. Including artists from Northern Ireland, France, Japan and Scotland, Peel discovered a range of incredible engineers, producers and artists that are either with small independent labels or self-releasing material themselves. With a shared love for space exploration and early electronic role models like Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram, this remix album reveals a selection of new artists – much like the constant discovery of new particles in our galaxy and beyond.

Particle G1 /  Erland Cooper
Particle D2 /  S A R A S A R A
Particle C3 /  Marta Salogni
Particle B4 /  Hinako Omori
Particle E5 /  Arvo Party
Particle F6 /  Roseau
Particle G7 /  Die Hexen



Music, TV / Film

Channel 4’s new series: Kiss Me First

Featuring a new HP song and additional scoring of scenes, the new Channel 4/Netflix Series ‘Kiss Me First’ hit the UK screens via C4 on 2nd April. An innovative 6-part thriller which combines live action with stunning state-of-the-art computer-generated virtual world sequences in a TV drama first.

BUY the new Kiss Me First single HERE


Ice Alive – Science and Music


A collaboration with Arctic scientist Joseph Cook, this piece, connecting music and science is an effort to understand and communicate the hidden beauty, complexity and sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet through sound. More arctic journeys to come we hope!

Read more about Joe’s fascinating scientific work HERE



Live at the Southbank, London

So excited to be playing the opening weekend of the new Queen Elizabeth Hall, with the first full album performance of Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia, Tubular Brass and audio-reactive visuals.

14th April, 2018

Tickets HERE




BRIGHTON ROCK – New Theatre Adaptation

★★★★ The Times  ★★★★ The Stage  ★★★★ The Observer

I had the pleasure of composing dark pulsing analogue synth music, sampling a choir to play live in the show and of course collaborate with the most wonderful cast and crew on this new theatre show.

Now touring the UK until June 2018.

All details are on the Pilot Theatre’s Website



Observer Readers Album Of The Year!

Observer readers nominated their hidden gems of 2017 –  the albums that didn’t get the coverage they deserved. Thank you to anyone who did nominate ‘Mary Casio’ it was a very nice surprise!